Collector Won The Heart By Joining In The Students' Flash Mob

Divya S Iyer (IAS), the District Collector won the heart by joining in the students’ Flash Mob. Divya S Iyer is the current District Collector of Pathanamthitta. The flash mob was at the Kottayam District Stadium. Moreover, the video became viral in Social Media.

According to the news report, the dance was held when the Pathanamthitta Collector reached Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, to monitor the arrangement for the arts festival. The students of Catholicate College were practicing for an arts festival.

Although the flash mob of the students was in its final stages. Divya S Iyer joined the team and won the hearts of not only the audience but also those who watched the video via Social Media.

The common concept is that bureaucrats are inaccessible to the common man. Dancing with students, the young IAS officer proved that she is reachable to the common people.

The Collector danced beautifully for the song Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela. The video clip of the district collector joining with college students became viral. The video clip has millions of views

Divya S Iyer reached the stadium with her family. She was watching the dance program when a student came to ask her to join them. Thus she joined with college students.

According to the report, the IAS officer has won many prizes during her school days in Kuchipudi, Odyssey and Kathakali. Some comment that it takes years of training to perform such a feat.

Later the young IAS officer said to the reporters that she reached there to inaugurate the ‘Deepakazhcha’. She was watching the program with her baby when a student asked her to join the dance. She accepted their invitation.



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