Tennis The Losing French Player Slapped His Opponent

A French tennis player slapped his opponent for being defeated in the game. The incident was during the ITF juniors tournament in Ghana. The game was between French player Michael Kouame and Ghana’s Rapphael Nii Ankrah.

The incident where the opponent was beaten was captured on camera. Somebody posted it on social media. A 15-year-old French tennis player was defeated by Ankrah. After losing the game, the French tennis player slapped Ankrah. In the video clip, we see him walking towards the net and Ankrah approaches him to shake hands. When Ankrah reached for a shaking hand, Kouame hit him. The shocked Ankrah argued with the Frenchman.

Nii Ankrah defeated Michael Kouame in the match. Ankrah is the no.1 seed in the tournament. On the ITF Junior Rankings Kouame is ranked No. 589. At the same time, Ankrah is ranked No. 1688.

The Ankrah entered in the second round after the first round ended with scores (6-2, 6-7, 7-6). Ankrah will meet Ishmael Nii Nortey Dowuona in the next game. The Ghana tennis player Ankrah played against Mickael Kaouk and Davide Brunetti.

Kouame Apologized For The Incident

French player Michael Kouame apologized for slapping his opponent Ghana player Ankrah. Kouame posted a message on his Instagram account regretting the incident.

He said that the incident was after an extremely frustrating and intense match. He added that he would like to publicly apologize to Raphael. He is ready to receive any decision as a result of his act from the ITF governing body.

Meanwhile, the ITF did not take any disciplinary actions against Kouame till yesterday. According to the report, ITF, the governing body, is reviewing the matter.

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