Sri Lanka: No Fuel After The End Of April

Amid the worsening Sri Lankan crisis, the country will have no fuel after the end of April. Currently, the Island country got fuel with the help of India.

Sri Lanka became independent in 1948 from the United Kingdom. The country is going through a serious economic crisis that it has never seen.

The medical field also faces crisis. There is no enough medicine. The SLMA said the medical field is facing the scarcity of medicine, equipment and reagents. The doctors are doing only emergency surgeries.

The people are agitating in the street as well as in front of government institutions. The condition of the Sri Lankan people is very miserable. The people of the country is demanding the resignation of the current government. The country has a shortage of gas, food and other basic goods. Moreover, hours-long power cuts are part of daily life.

The importation of fuel to Sri Lanka started in March. The importing of fuels started earlier due to the financial crisis in Sri Lanka. India provides assistance to import fuel. Moreover, India will provide more fuel on April 15, 18 and 23 dates. Sri Lanka will not have fuel if the country will not ask to extend Indian support.

As the country had no foreign currency to pay to import fuel,

Sri Lankan refineries had shut down two times in 2021. The main utilizer of diesel is the public transport systems and thermal power stations in the country.

The people of the country are facing around 10 hours of daily power cuts due to the shortage of diesel. Diesel is the main source for thermal power stations in Sri Lanka.

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