Naajisha Noushad An Adventurous Solo Female Traveller

Can a woman fly like a bird without the burden of family or insecurity, especially in India? Is it possible for a woman from Kerala, if she is married and the mother of 5 children? Yes, it is possible. Naajisha Noushad (32) proved this. Naajisha,  a homemaker and mother of 5 kids, recently went on an adventure trip to Nepal. She is a role model and motivation to the ladies who want to explore new places. If you want to get more information about the solo female traveller, go through the article.

Naajisha was born in Thalassery. She completed Plus Two and married Noushad in 2007. Then, he was working in the field of water management in Oman. She was not an ordinary Malabari girl. The wanderlust travelled a lot during that time. She dreamed of learning to drive and exploring new places. In 2013 she got her driving license which fuelled her dream.

Nàaji gave birth to her first child. She is now the mother of five children. The youngest child is one and a half years old.

The first adventure trip was to Wayanad, driving a car with a group of women. Naji’s husband was always a great support to her. The children were cared for by their grandmother Maimoona. The trip gave her the confidence to travel to Bangalore and Chennai.

Naaji has shared her travel experiences through her blog Naajinoushi. The Vlog has 42,000 subscribers. Her first solo woman driving was to Ladakh. When she first told her family about her dream, the family was very reluctant. But Noushad gave her full support and stood by her. The solo female traveller took her backpack to act upon her dream. The travel enthusiast travelled alone for 60 days crossing 3 international borders. The explorations gave the female passenger more strength and confidence.

Exploration from Kuttanad to Nepal 

Naji’s next dream was an adventurous solo trip from Kuttanad to Nepal.  The female traveller always drives her own Innova car for every journey. This time she decided to travel without a car. She decided to go on a hitchhiking trip. This is a mode of transportation using a vehicle passing through our way. We can ask strangers for a ride in their vehicle free of cost. This time her family was tenser. But her husband came to the rescue. Then she took her backpack and set out to explore new areas on February 9.

First, she came to Coimbatore and the emotional woman spent the night with a Brahmin family. She got a lorry with national permission to go to Seelam.

First, she reached Coimbatore and the passionate woman spent the night with a Brahmin family. She got a lorry to travel to Seelam. Her solo trip was quite adventurous, traveling in lorries and sleeping in the houses of the natives and eating by the roadside. She wants to convey the message that India is safe for women travellers through these solo trips. Finally, the travel enthusiastic lady reached Nepal on the 19th day.  

She has no bank balance or sponsor. She only has the courage and passion to travel. Every woman has their own desires and dreams. But they set everything aside for the family. They forget even their smallest wishes. Here the family is behind all her success.

Long adventure trips, especially solo trips, have always been a men’s field. Here Najisha Noushad proved that not only men but also women can do it. She reiterated that India is a safe place for women tourists.

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