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Admit it or not, the captain cool MS Dhoni is the body and soul of the Chennai Super Kings franchise and he guided the team to 4 IPL trophies and he also won 2 Champions League trophies for his side. The last IPL win is one of the magic of MS Dhoni as everyone made fun by saying that the team with old guns but he proved that the old wine is strong.

MS Dhoni has also had a tradition to make the fans surprised with shocking decisions as he stepped down from the Indian captain with an immediate announcement and the same continued in his retirement as well. Now MS Dhoni follows the tradition as he made the decision before the starting of the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League.

It is officially confirmed that MS Dhoni will not play for Chennai Super Kings in the role of captain and that means he has stepped down from the captaincy of his side.

The baton has handed over to Ravindra Jadeja and we can expect the announcement of retirement after this season as well.

Chennai Super Kings will start the campaign in the opening match of the Indian Premier League of this year and they will face Kolkata Knight Riders in the first match of the tournament.

Let’s wait for the upcoming matches and we recommend you to stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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