Interfaith Marriage: Joisna Went With Shejin

Joisna, who married her Muslim boyfriend, told the High Court that she went to her boyfriend of her own will. She also rejected her parents’ claim that she was forced to marry someone from another community. The decision of the young couple from a different community to live together triggered a row.

Joisna appeared in court Tuesday morning in a case registered by her father. The High Court said that living with a loved one is her fundamental right. Joisna told the court that she wanted to go with Shejin.

Joseph filed a habeas corpus alleging that his daughter was forced to marry a man from another community. The High Court ordered last week Joisna to appear in court. Joseph also demanded that an agency from outside Kerala should look into the matter. The relatives alleged that it was “love jihad.”

Interfaith marriage of Joisna and Shejin from different communities are the main talks in Kerala in recent days. And the case triggered controversy. Shejin is a local DYFI leader.

Earlier, Joisna said to the reporter that it was her own decision to marry Shejin. On April 9 Joisna left her family to live with Shejin. She is a native of Kodenchery in Kozhikode district.

The relatives of the bride alleged love jihad. It is a word used by right wing outfits. One political leader supported the allegations and caused a political row. But the party stated that there was nothing unnatural in interfaith marriages.

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