warning against sharing the copy of Aadhar

The caution against sharing the copy of Aadhar in the hotels, movie halls etc has been withdrawn by the government. The decision of the government is in the wake of concerns among the public. Earlier, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which worked behind the Aadhar card, cautioned the people against sharing the details of the Aadhar card.

The warning created confusion among the people and social media undertook it. Then, the IT ministry came forward assuring the safety of Aadhar details. It told the public to continue to use the unique ID number and just be careful while sharing the details. The IT ministry is the nodal ministry for UIDAI.

The IT ministry withdrew the warning saying the action of the ministry is due to the possibility of misreading its direction. After the coming of Aadhar, the Indians are using unique ID numbers as ID proof everywhere. People are using the Aadhar ID proof in hospitals, hotels etc. Moreover, some had a bad experience of misusing their Aadhar. Recently, UIDAI’s Bangalore regional office warned against sharing the copy of Aadhar in hospitals, hotels etc.

Moreover, the press release said that you should not give a copy of your Aadhaar to any institutions and there is a possibility of misusing it. The people can use masked Aadhaar which uses only 4 digits. You can download masked Aadhaar from UIDAI’s official website.

Every organization should not receive Aadhar and organisations that have a User License from the UIDAI can receive the document from the public. The hotels or film halls that don’t have permission, should not receive Aadhar.

Please check before you share Aadhaar details whether a private entity has a valid User License from the UIDAI.

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