Geeta Archa: We Need To Learn From This inspiring Woman

Geeta Archa is an inspiring woman who spends every rupee of her meager income on the needy. March 8th is International Women’s Day. On this day we admire women for their outstanding work in the cultural, political and socio-economic spheres. What is the theme of 2022 International Women’s Day? It is “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. Women in our society are shrinking in their homes and the number of women engaged in social activities is less than men. Here we are going to introduce Geeta Archa, an inspiring woman who was involved in a lot of social activities. It was her family that made her so strong. She has been a fighter against polio since she was 2 months old. But neither her parents nor the people around her considered her a disabled child. So she was able to enjoy her childhood and grow up to be a normal child. The article is an exclusive interview with Geeta Archa. We can ask Geeta Archa about her.

Tell me about you and your family?

My name is Geeta Archa and I’m from Kattakkada, Aamachal, in Trivandrum. My family consists of my father Ravindran Nair , a farmer, and my mother Suvarnakumari a daily wager. My sister is married as well as my brother is a driver. Currently, I am living near the Thumb Space Research Centre.

What was your childhood like?

No one considered me a child with a disability, so my childhood was as colourful as any other child. I enjoyed my childhood and adolescence. I crawled everywhere and played in rivers, fields and ponds. 

How was your school life?

My mother took me to school and college. Mother is behind my success. Today I could talk with you because of my mother. I got a degree from Government Christian College Kattakada.

I did all the household work from childhood. I cooked food and swept the courtyard. I like to do all things myself. I only depend on others if I cannot do something.

Geetha Archa

When did you start working?

I decided not to be a burden to my family because of my disability. So I worked for many private companies. But it was hard for me to continue company jobs and I started a lottery business. I have been doing various jobs for 12 years.

I started a nutrition centre six months ago with a partnership. Pandemic conditions also affected the nutrition centre. Now the business is improving. I can ride a three-wheeled Scooter. I go everywhere with my Scooty.

Now, I sell lottery tickets and I only take money for my daily needs. The rest of the money I spend on charity.

What are the activities of Poomaram koottayma?

Poomaram kootayma is a WhatsApp group. It is a group of friends. The main activity of ‘Poomaram’ kootayma is to provide food to the patients of RCC on a monthly basis.

Moreover, Essudeen is one of my best friends. He is like my brother and father. He is my legs and big support. I have a lot of friends. My friend helps me with everything.

People are willing to support the feeding of patients. If we do not get the funds, we will take the money from our own pocket. We also helped a girl in Varkala to buy an electric wheelchair. We also helped a young man in an accident buy an autorickshaw. Now he is earning from this autorickshaw. 

We support those in need of treatment. Wheelchairs and crutches are provided by the Poomaram Group. We undertook the treatment of a girl from Palode. She was admitted to Medical College. and provided a bystander.

‘Poomaram’ is a small group. We never raise a lot of money. It costs Rs 16,000 to prepare food for 300 people. People are willing to spend money on their anniversaries or birthdays for patients. We raise money according to the expenditure. We don’t even have an account.

How did you get into anti-drug programs?

I support anti-drug programs. I started my social work with an anti-drug program. My father was an alcoholic, which is why I had a lot of trouble.

There was a young boy near my house who was addicted to drugs. His mother asked me to talk to him. He told me he was ready to give up the habit. I could help the boy to get out of this habit.  

How was your friendship with Kidilam Feroz?

I first saw him at the RJ Marathon. It was an anti-drug program. First I called him and attended the event. I once approached him asking for money to buy a wheelchair. He helped me to buy a wheelchair and give it to those in need. He always supports me like a sister.

The happiest moment in your life?

One of the happiest moments in my life is supplying food to the patients in RCC. We prepare homely food with the help of a man. The homely food is very delicious and tasty. The delicious smell of the food spread around the area. After lunch, they go away satisfied. It is one of the happiest moments. 

What are your future plans?

I have no future plans. When a person asks me for help, I will do my best to help that person. If there are any issues that I can solve with the help of others I will do it.

Moreover, Geeta Archa has won the Women Empowerment Award (2022) from Bharathakala Arts Academy. Geetha Archa is a role model to our society. Who is behind her success? She told us that her mother is behind her success. Yes, there is a woman behind every woman’s success, it is their mother.

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