Chavara Darsan CMI Public School Ahead With Environment Protection

Chavara Darsan CMI Public School is at the forefront with environment protection programs for the future generation. Earth is the home of every living being, humans, animals, trees etc. AA school in Koonammavu, Kerala has started a new initiative to protect the nature with the help of future generations. Chavara Darsan CMI Public School is creating a carbon-neutral environment by growing a bamboo garden.

Moreover, Chavara Darsan CMI Public School does a lot of Environment protecting activities such as a herbal garden and organic vegetable farm. The members of ‘Nature Club’, are behind all activities. They have all the support of the Department of Agriculture.

Chavara Darsan CMI Public School is a role model to every school. Through many activities, the lessons of environmental protection are imparted to the school children. Here, environment protection is not only part of the syllabus but also part of life.

The start of nature protection activities was 7 years ago. It was when Father Paulose Kidangan came to the school as principal. It was his idea to plant different varieties of bamboo on School land. Anitha Sasikumar is a teacher as well as the Nature Club coordinator of the school.

There are two ponds in the compound of the school. They had aquaculture in one pond. The paddy cultivation and organic farming of vegetables are part of their programs. Besides, the new principal Father Tommy Kochelanjickal is also a nature lover and he gives all support to the program.

The bamboo garden of the school

There are about 34 varieties of bamboo trees in the compound of the school. It is brought from various parts of the country. The shades of the trees are so cool and everyone likes to spend time under the tree.

According to the report, bamboo gives 30 percent more oxygen. Moreover, it can absorb more carbon dioxide than other plants. That’s why bamboo was selected aiming for carbon neutrality. Sometimes the teachers conduct yoga classes and meetings under the bamboo shade. The students like it very much. The school authority maintains a small poultry farm for chickens, ducks, rabbits and lovebirds.

It is a good initiative of the school. We can confirm the participation of future generations by implementing such programs in our schools.

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