Arun Raghavan Was Awarded Global Village International Media Award

Arun Raghavan, a young and well-known reporter, received a global village International Media award for Asianet News from the Dubai government. Arun Raghavan is the chief of the Dubai Bureau of the news channel and he is one who is very close to each and every one of the UAE region, especially in the group of Malayalees. To get more information about the latest news read the article.

Asianet News is one of the prominent Malayalam channels. Arun Raghavan received the award for the best television coverage. Prestigious awards include two and half lakhs and citation.

The international event was attended by 26 countries. The Asianet News was selected for the award from the Arab and foreign countries.

The awards were presented by Mohammed Ashraf, the CEO of Arab media group, at Majlis of the world in the global village. The event was attended by Heads Of various Department of Dubai Government.

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