Amrutham Nutrimix is Contaminated And Supply Stopped In Ernakulam

The report says that Amrutham Nutrimix was contaminated, and the supply of product was suspended in Ernakulam district. Amrutham Nutrimix, which was supplied through the government-run-child-care centres (anganwadis), was found contaminated. The presence of dangerous Aflatoxin B1, a toxin, was suspected. Aflatoxin B1 causes liver cancer.

Amrutham nutrimix is used by children between 6 months to 3 years. It is made of Kudumbasree units. The distributed Amrutham packets that are included in the same batch will be taken back. The dietary supplement is made with a mix of wheat, sugar, split Bengal gram etc.

The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the extra District Justice of the Peace S Shahjahan. Moreover, the meeting was attended by officers of Kudumbashree,  Built-in Youngster Growth Scheme (ICDS) etc.

The meals security division officers will collect the materials used for making Amrutham powder and will send the samples for testing.

The officers of the Regional Analytical Laboratory at Kakkanad were asked to provide the result soon after the examination. A direction was given to Kudumbashree officers to ensure the quality of materials used to make Amritam powder.

The presence of toxin Aflatoxin B1 which causes liver cancer was found in an inspection conducted by the meals security division. Amrutham nutrimix, made on the Edakkattuvayal unit, was found contaminated. The Amrutham Nutrimix of batch quantity 98 contains the toxin. These nutrimix packs were distributed in Ernakulam District. A direction was issued to recall packets soon.

Kudumbashree Mission district coordinator S Ranjini said that the manufacturing unit was shut down. The manufacturing units will reopen after ensuring the high quality of the products.


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